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.::The Vampire Clan::.

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The Book [Jan. 23rd, 2007|10:39 pm]
.::The Vampire Clan::.

Hey all :) I'm not new to this group now but this is the first time I've posted. Can someone tell me where I could find a copy of "The Embraced" ? I've seen the movie so many times...I'd like to know the full story. From the comments on here I read, it seems the movie isn't consistant with the book at all.

I'm going to scour some flea markets this weekend for it. I've seen the movie too many times and it haunts me every time I watch it. Has anyone ever met or talked to anyone who was really involved with the clan?


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Moving past 'Vampire Cult' [Jan. 9th, 2007|09:32 pm]
.::The Vampire Clan::.
Heather Wendorf-Kelly was cleared in her parents' 1996 murder in Eustis. Now married and living out of state, she reflects on a tragic time.
She was called a killer. A gothic vampire. An awkward 15-year-old who fell in with the wrong crowd.

Today, at 25, Heather Wendorf-Kelly isn't out to change minds. She's just trying to move her life forward and give the scars of her past time to heal.
A decade after her parents' brutal murder inside their Eustis home, Heather says she wished she had known how to stop the 16-year-old boy who fatally beat the couple -- and captured the nation's morbid curiosity with the "Vampire Cult Killings."

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Announcement [Feb. 4th, 2006|04:35 pm]
.::The Vampire Clan::.

Hey kids!

I'm sad to announce that I'll resign from being the maintainer of this community.
Since I started this and put some work in it, I want a worthy follower!
Well, if anybody is interested to become the maintainer of this community:
I'm looking for somebody who has enough time, interest and will to keep up with the entries and to take care of the community and the people in it.

Please comment if you're interested!
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SOUTHERN U.S. GAMERS UNITE [Nov. 17th, 2005|02:32 pm]
.::The Vampire Clan::.


I am trying to get the South's attention about a gaming community strictly for locals here to meet and greet. But we need more folks! D&D, White Wolf/World of Darkness, Warhammer, Online Games, Console games, LARP, etc, etc, (more info below.....).

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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2005|08:58 pm]
.::The Vampire Clan::.

wat was rod's father's name? for a book report i'm doing, i loaned out the book
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2005|03:54 pm]
.::The Vampire Clan::.

Queston, I read the embrace and saw the movie., I know Rod wasn't all the clear headed but He never had the intention of killing the parents then he just did. Suddenly. I'm thinking that maybe the book left something out. What caused him to kill the parents he must have had some motive. I don'rt think he would just kill them for no reason. Anyone help?
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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2005|12:56 pm]
.::The Vampire Clan::.

I have a question, I read the book watched the movie (which pissed me off cause they got alot of things wrong (movie)) and was Charity really preggers? If so what happened to it? Also, I'm doing a book report on the book and our teacher wants us to have the last paragraphaas the lest bit of the book outline and I loaned out my book so if anyone has it can you post the last paragraph? it would rock
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(no subject) [Sep. 11th, 2005|12:24 am]
.::The Vampire Clan::.
[:mood: |accomplishedaccomplished]

AH! I just fninshed reading The EMbrace for the third time and I still think that that is the most accurate uinbiased account of what happened....how I love that book
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Writing to Rod [Jul. 23rd, 2005|08:49 pm]
.::The Vampire Clan::.
[:mood: |crazycrazy]
[:music: |Legend]

I plan to start writing to Rod Ferrel.
I found a letter from him to a friend
of mine. I hope that he is doing well.
Even though he has harmed and ruined
the life of many. I still want to know
why exactly.

I found out that Heather Wendorf was
in fact tell Rod that her father was
beating her, and in fact he wasn't.

Most people in fact would of hurt
whomever was doing such a thing to
a female.

I'm not saying what rod did was right.
but I'm also saying what he did wasn't
exactly wrong. I honestly don't care if
you agree with me or not. I'm not
here to be on anyones side.

but my own.
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2005|01:31 pm]
.::The Vampire Clan::.
[:mood: |quixoticquixotic]
[:music: |Girls Under Glass-Burning Eyes]

He he, I do expect most people to be skeptical about my declaration without given some sort of proof. What can I say? Obviously, I will not give out any information which could be used to find out where Heather is now. But I can tell you what kind of person she really is: nothing like what most people here think of her. She's not a holy-roller prude or a spoiled little rich girl, and she is far from being stupid. She's a pretty cool pagan chic and I love her drawings and paintings. If I can find any artwork of hers I'll try to post it.
And as far as I know she is on good terms with her family since she has talked before about making trips to FL to visit them. I suppose they believe now that she was innocent.
I do have to say this- don't take everything you read in the newspapers as fact. Most of it is just opinion from people who want to get their 15 min. of fame in. "The Embrace" is probably the closest anyone has come to the real story only because Aphrodite Jones actually went to these places and spent a lot of time with her interviewees rather than piecing together scraps of misinformation into a shitty paperback like that other author did.
Since I am the only person who really knows Heather I feel like I have to be her advocate against ignorance. I asked her what she thinks about the fascination surrounding her past she just shrugs and says something like she hopes no one else's life gets fucked up b/c of it and if it does then the fact that they were interested in all of this would really be a detriment to their reputation just as it was for hers.
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