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Opening the Gates of Hell

.::The Vampire Clan::.
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Welcome to the Coven.

This is a community for people who are interested in The Kentucky Vampire Clan.

We discuss the coven, the murders of the Wendorfs and everything else related to the crime and the life of the Kentucky Vampires.
Here you find the latest news and the current stats of every member.
This is the place to share your pictures and informations!

Feel free to join.
The Vampire Clan
EUSTIS, Florida (AP) -- A group of teens from a self-described "Vampire Clan"
in Kentucky was being sought on murder warrants Thursday in the bludgeoning
deaths of a Florida couple.

Richard and Naomi Wendorf were found beaten to death late Monday and their
15-year-old daughter, Heather, was missing. At first, investigators feared
she had been abducted. After further investigation she became a suspect,
along with her former boyfriend and three other teen-agers linked
to the Kentucky group.

Police in Kentucky suspect the teen-agers' cult, "The Vampire Clan," has about
30 members. The sheriff's office said there was no evidence of satanic rituals
in the deaths, but they said Miss Wendorf had told friends she was a demon
in past lives and had talked with spirits during human blood-drinking rituals.


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The members of this community just share thoughts and visions about the Coven and the crime.

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